Constitutional Dictatorship

Fascinating read, by Clinton Rossiter… he examines the concept historically in Rome, Germany, England, and the US.  Whether we can expect the current person in our executive branch, or any one person, to effectively function as such in a crisis we would hope to remain to be seen indefinitely.

I am definitely reading out of my comfort zone!

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Am recovering from a week of fever and cough… I found it hard to be at rest, so unproductive- many books and projects left untouched. And now, on the mend, I begin to finish taxes… for now I have skipped that other inevitable (death)…

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“Detective”/Arthur Hailey

Okay… I read Arthur Hailey’s “Detective” this wknd… his protagonist is a detective who had lost his faith as a Catholic priest. An interesting read, but I felt somewhat sorry for Mr Hailey, as he used his detective to rail against the church and faith. Mr Hailey had lost his faith in WWII while serving in Cyprus. This was the author’s last novel before he passed away… 

The book left me wishing I could have met Mr Hailey before he passed… to chat about the difference between church and faith and spirituality… the book reminded me of some of the intellectual challenges to our faith (note- I am a protestant with obvious anti-authority issues, so I use that term, faith, very loosely)…

A well researched book, as was Mr Hailey’s MO… with a dedication to a detective, who may have helped with the research. A reader cannot help but appreciate our law officers who have some of the hardest work on the planet.


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St Valentine’s

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are concious of our treasures. – Thornton Wilder


Valentine’s Day: a good day to ponder my greatest treasures: God, wife, kids, health, friends… hey, I AM ALIVE!!!!

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Hello world!

Hello World!

Am a newbie to WordPress, having slogged my way thru HTML coding for years and am now looking to simplify life!


Praise the Lord!

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