Sex-Selection Abortion

I wrote to both of my US House Reps regarding sex-selection abortion… one, Rep Hanabusa, responded (I am still pondering this response):

June 12, 2012

Dear T., 

Thank you for your letter regarding H.R. 4624, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.  Your views are very important to me. 

The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act would impose criminal penalties on individuals who provide abortions based solely on the sex of the fetus, and provides the ability to seek civil damages against such an individual.  Congressman Trent Franks (AZ) argued that these provisions are aimed at immigrants from other countries, such as India or China, where cultural and economic factors have led to numerous instances of abortion or abandonment when it is learned that a fetus is female.  Because the United States does not currently have a prohibition on this practice, supporters of the bill stated that such legislation is necessary to curtail immigration for these reasons. 

However, I have always been a strong believer in a woman’s right to choose, and this bill is simply another step in undermining women’s access to reproductive health care.  This legislation is not only discriminatory, but it also seeks to intimidate medical professionals from performing abortions as they are legally permitted to do.  H.R. 4642 was considered on the House floor on May 31, 2012 under suspension of the rules, which requires a two-thirds majority vote for passage.  I voted against this measure, and I am pleased to report that the bill ultimately failed to garner the votes of two-thirds of the House. 

Thank you again for taking the time to write in with your comments on this critical issue.  I hope you will continue to contact me about federal issues of concern to you.  If you would like regular updates of my work in Congress, please sign up for my e-newsletter at .


Colleen Hanabusa
Member of Congress


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TechnoNazism, again…

It came up yesterday, in the lunchroom, it started with a story about putting microchips in dogs. The computer specialist, a junior staff member who has high regard for technology, was making the case for the efficiency of chipping humans. We had heard it before, our previous medical director had also harped on this technology. I’ve been told that some folks in England are being chipped so that access to certain nightclubs is easier.

A company, Applied Digital, used to tout their product, Digital Angel… a subdermal chip that not only provided location services, but heart rate… imagine that, the safety and security we could have with such a system… Okay, I’m being facetious and am figuring that if you include health records into the picture along with economic power, I am sure most Americans wouldn’t think twice. I mean its the whole integration, or fusion, of technology with the human body. The ultimate cellphone: it becomes a cell in your body, right? Oh yes, and throw in the mix a convenient way of passporting… and definitely national security.

It’s probably closer than we think… and would most likely come from the financially secure nations who want a strong democracy, or technocracy.

Being fearful, people will do things they shouldn’t (I know, I once was fearful)… funny that most people look at the obvious sins that seem to bar us from eternity, yet, take a look at Rev 21:8 and what is found number one in a such a list: Being COWARDLY…

I pray: reader, learn to fear God only!

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Teaser Tweets

Okay. Yesterday, cruising Tweetland, I came across a tweet-

Southern Baptist leader @edstetzer: 3 pm EDT today on#TheExchange: why #mormonism is not a cult, w/Tal Davis

To which I responded quite quickly with a few choice tweets…

“Wait- did I see a tweet earlier from ed stetzer to the effect that Mormonism is not a cult?! Walter Martin doin’ 360s… @crjournal“;


“Marriage has been re-defined… and now Mormonism is NOT a cult?! Whoa – or, WOE? – Holy radioactive mackerel!”

Which prompted the following tweets:

@edstetzer@kertime @crjournal Did you listen to the show or did you just blurt out a response without context?
@kertime@edstetzer I actually saw that tweet earlier (the context), and I wasn’t the only one… no, can’t watch or listen to your show, sorry
@edstetzer@kertime Next time, it might be good to listen why before you blurt accusations. Seems like a better choice, but that is just me.
@kertime@edstetzer So I did not see that tweet? That’s great, tweet mirages?
@edstetzer@kertime Same answer. Listen to the argument before making accusations. Crazy idea, I know.
@kertimeLearned-something-new-today-dept: Teaser tweets- especially provocative- but really such a bad idea especially when there’s truth at risk…
@edstetzer@kertime And also that integrity and clarity matter more than blurting without thinking. That’s how Christians act– or are supposed to.
 ‏@kertimeAlso seem to be learning that ego, and anger, management don’t seem to be well-handled in twitterland… especially for the self-promoters
@edstetzer@kertime Name calling now, eh? Regrettably, it fits the same pattern. Guess I’ll leave it between you and the Lord now. God bless.
 ‏@kertimeEver notice the use of the “God bless” line almost inappropriately? Interesting to see what God does to humble us…
Then I retweeted the original: @rzollAPSouthern Baptist leader @edstetzer: 3 pm EDT today on#TheExchange: why #mormonism is not a cult, w/Tal Davis
Followed by:

@kertime integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions…
***   ***
I was wondering if others who saw Ed’s tweet would have thought that SBC did not consider Mormonism a cult… I would imagine many seeing that original tweet and think that, and few would be the number who actually go to Ed’s show to hear the full disclosure. So I wrote to Rachel Zoll who had RT the original tweet and she replied and explained… well, here’s her e-mail:
Hi Tim, thanks for your question- and for a good reminder to leave the RT on a retweet! On the program, stetzer repeatedly urged fellow evangelicals to stop calling Mormonism a cult. His guest, Tal Davis, explained why he thinks the word ‘cult’ doesn’t apply to Mormons. However, they went on to explain their view that Mormonism is not part of historic Christianity. Stetzer said he has written about why it’s wrong to use the word cult for Mormonism a few times on his blog, (I think) so you could go there to learn more about his thinking. Take care- Rachel
Wow! I really, okay I do mean really here, appreciated that explanation, and for the follow-up on where to learn more.
Final thoughts: Ed Stetzer could definitely use a Rachel Zoll in his public relations regarding his tweets… and altho’ I probably should go to to learn more about his thinking,  and maybe I could find an archive of his latest show- I don’t think so…  doesn’t mean I won’t pray for him, tho’…
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Constitutional Dictatorship

Fascinating read, by Clinton Rossiter… he examines the concept historically in Rome, Germany, England, and the US.  Whether we can expect the current person in our executive branch, or any one person, to effectively function as such in a crisis we would hope to remain to be seen indefinitely.

I am definitely reading out of my comfort zone!

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Am recovering from a week of fever and cough… I found it hard to be at rest, so unproductive- many books and projects left untouched. And now, on the mend, I begin to finish taxes… for now I have skipped that other inevitable (death)…

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“Detective”/Arthur Hailey

Okay… I read Arthur Hailey’s “Detective” this wknd… his protagonist is a detective who had lost his faith as a Catholic priest. An interesting read, but I felt somewhat sorry for Mr Hailey, as he used his detective to rail against the church and faith. Mr Hailey had lost his faith in WWII while serving in Cyprus. This was the author’s last novel before he passed away… 

The book left me wishing I could have met Mr Hailey before he passed… to chat about the difference between church and faith and spirituality… the book reminded me of some of the intellectual challenges to our faith (note- I am a protestant with obvious anti-authority issues, so I use that term, faith, very loosely)…

A well researched book, as was Mr Hailey’s MO… with a dedication to a detective, who may have helped with the research. A reader cannot help but appreciate our law officers who have some of the hardest work on the planet.


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St Valentine’s

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are concious of our treasures. – Thornton Wilder


Valentine’s Day: a good day to ponder my greatest treasures: God, wife, kids, health, friends… hey, I AM ALIVE!!!!

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