TechnoNazism, again…

It came up yesterday, in the lunchroom, it started with a story about putting microchips in dogs. The computer specialist, a junior staff member who has high regard for technology, was making the case for the efficiency of chipping humans. We had heard it before, our previous medical director had also harped on this technology. I’ve been told that some folks in England are being chipped so that access to certain nightclubs is easier.

A company, Applied Digital, used to tout their product, Digital Angel… a subdermal chip that not only provided location services, but heart rate… imagine that, the safety and security we could have with such a system… Okay, I’m being facetious and am figuring that if you include health records into the picture along with economic power, I am sure most Americans wouldn’t think twice. I mean its the whole integration, or fusion, of technology with the human body. The ultimate cellphone: it becomes a cell in your body, right? Oh yes, and throw in the mix a convenient way of passporting… and definitely national security.

It’s probably closer than we think… and would most likely come from the financially secure nations who want a strong democracy, or technocracy.

Being fearful, people will do things they shouldn’t (I know, I once was fearful)… funny that most people look at the obvious sins that seem to bar us from eternity, yet, take a look at Rev 21:8 and what is found number one in a such a list: Being COWARDLY…

I pray: reader, learn to fear God only!

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