Sex-Selection Abortion

I wrote to both of my US House Reps regarding sex-selection abortion… one, Rep Hanabusa, responded (I am still pondering this response):

June 12, 2012

Dear T., 

Thank you for your letter regarding H.R. 4624, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.  Your views are very important to me. 

The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act would impose criminal penalties on individuals who provide abortions based solely on the sex of the fetus, and provides the ability to seek civil damages against such an individual.  Congressman Trent Franks (AZ) argued that these provisions are aimed at immigrants from other countries, such as India or China, where cultural and economic factors have led to numerous instances of abortion or abandonment when it is learned that a fetus is female.  Because the United States does not currently have a prohibition on this practice, supporters of the bill stated that such legislation is necessary to curtail immigration for these reasons. 

However, I have always been a strong believer in a woman’s right to choose, and this bill is simply another step in undermining women’s access to reproductive health care.  This legislation is not only discriminatory, but it also seeks to intimidate medical professionals from performing abortions as they are legally permitted to do.  H.R. 4642 was considered on the House floor on May 31, 2012 under suspension of the rules, which requires a two-thirds majority vote for passage.  I voted against this measure, and I am pleased to report that the bill ultimately failed to garner the votes of two-thirds of the House. 

Thank you again for taking the time to write in with your comments on this critical issue.  I hope you will continue to contact me about federal issues of concern to you.  If you would like regular updates of my work in Congress, please sign up for my e-newsletter at .


Colleen Hanabusa
Member of Congress


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